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Key Print Documents for Outreach Efforts

Are you...

  • looking for people to join a new forum?
  • seeking fresh voices?
  • especially diverse and likely underrepresented voices?

Paper tools can help!

Over the past year we've used these tools to help support outreach efforts for the Frogtown and Cedar-Riverside neighbor forums.

1. General Brochure – Meet Your Neighbors Online!

Adapt this two-page trifold brochure to suit your local forum and distribute copies at community events to raise awareness and grow your forum. (Publisher file)

2. Minneapolis-St. Paul Multi-forum General Poster – Join your neighbors to discuss local issues, exchange information, build community, and simply be neighborly.

Post these to bulletin boards at local businesses and public venues throughout the neighborhood. The simple tear-off URL serves as a “take away” to remind people to look up your forum when they get home. (Editable version at Google Docs)

3. Customizable Poster (Power Point Template)

Tailor this poster to your forum and post to bulletin board in your neighborhood. Be sure to update the tear-off URL!

4. General Flyer - Two per page - Multi-forum flyer to support recruitment across neighborhoods.

Adapt this two-up flier to suit your local forum and distribute copies at community events to raise awareness and grow your forum. (Editable version at Google Docs)

5. Sign-up sheets à la carte

We’ve used a variety of these tailored to specific forums such as Frogtown and Cedar-Riverside, as well as put together these “multi-forum” sign up sheets to support recruitment across neighborhoods. When completed, promptly scan and e-mail to: OR fax to: +1-612-605-0137

Tip: Use a black pen with a bold stroke and definitely read the e-mail address back to confirm. Double-checking the handwriting can improve your success rate by as much as 30%!

  • Minneapolis Neighbor Forums Sign-up (MS Word) (PDF)
  • St. Paul Neighbor Forums Sign-up (MS Word) (PDF)

6. Customizable Single Forum Sign Up Template (MS Word - US Version) (MS Word A4 - UK/NZ Version)

Tailor these to suit your needs to help you collect names and e-mail addresses at neighborhood venues and events.

And remember, to successfully add these new members after your outreach efforts promptly scan (or to speed uploading enter the data into a spreadsheet yourself with at least first name, last name, and e-mail in their own columns - keep your forms handy because some will bounce) and e-mail to: OR fax to: +1-612-605-0137

While Forum Managers may invite people via the website, we prefer to upload 5 names from paper sign-ups for you. When a Forum Manager does it themselves, people must click on a link in their e-mail to verify - which most people miss. Behind the scenes, our technical support team can upload people without verification. New members only need to set a password on the web if they want to post via the web.


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