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Powderhorn bartering


Revision as of 17:42, 8 January 2010 by Brycelarson (Talk | contribs)

Hello Neighbors!


  1. Include Contact Information
  2. Keep it alphabetical by name
  3. Try not to mess up other people's lists
  4. Use this list at your own discretion - keep attitudes good.

Bryce Larson - I have to offer:

  1. Power washer (for summer projects)
  2. Rabbit Manure for fertilizer
  3. Power Tools for loan
  4. Scrap lumber recovered from work

I am looking for:

  1. Dog sitting

Judy Arginteanu

To offer:

  1. Rabbit manure
  2. A very nice rabbit to a good home (free, actually; you also get rabbit manure which is great for gardens and doesn't need to compost)
  3. Leaves for mulch
  4. Basic knitting instructions
  5. Possibly proofreading services

Looking for:

  1. Don't know yet; will update as need arises


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