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This a proposed welcome page to the Powderhorn Neighbors Forum is Spanish.

The purpose of the page is to:

  1. Introduce the forum in Spanish
  2. Make it clear that any language may be posted to the forum. Spanish is welcome.
  3. Explain that most participants are posting in English and sometimes sharing in Spanish.
  4. Link to an "auto-translated" view of the forum (and make it clear that it is computer translated and will be hard to understand.)
  5. Add a link to a "wiki" page with directory links to Spanish-language content specific to Minneapolis

Text to translate:

Welcome to the Minneapolis Powderhorn Neighbors Forum

The purpose of this online forum to share announcements and discuss neighborhood issues, life, and events specific to the Powderhorn Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This forum promotes civility through the required use of real names.

How to Participate

  • Read messages from your neighbors - No registration is required to read on the web
  • Read messages computer translated into Spanish - While the quality of auto-translation by Google Translate may be low, this may be helpful.
  • Post messages - While most messages are in English, Spanish is very welcome. There is no official language on the forum.
  • View photos - Recent photographs posted to the forum
  • Contact our Spanish language forum volunteer Liaison via e-mail - [We need one.] If you have any questions or need help confirming the information shared.


The goals of Minneapolis Powderhorn Neighbors Forum are:

  • Build community and healthy relationships among neighbors of all backgrounds
  • Give Powderhorn Park residents a greater voice in decisions that affect our community
  • Encourage local self-reliance: make each other aware of local businesses, restaurants, service providers, opportunities to barter for goods and services, or share/exchange skills, time, or tools etc.
  • Maintain a membership that is representative of the ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic diversity within our neighborhood.
  • To exchange views with local elected officials and with government staff who serve the Powderhorn Park neighborhood
  • To encourage friendships, partnerships, collaborative problem-solving and positive, people-driven change for our neighborhood

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