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Posting to a Forum


""==Posting to a Forum==""

Messages on a forum can be created by either posting a message to an existing topic or by creating a new topic.

You can post a message to an existing topic using the Web or using email. Posting a Message using the Web

Carry out the following, to post a message to a topic using the Web.

  1. Log in to E-Democracy.Org Forums (see Logging In to E-Democracy.Org Forums).
  2. View the topic (see Reading Messages Using the Web).
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where the Add to the topic section is located.
  4. Create your message.
         * Edit the text of your message in the Message entry.
         * Optionally, add tags to your message by writing them into the Tags entry. (See Tags.) 
  5. In addition, you may add a file along with your post (see Posting Files using the Web).
  6. Click the Add button. Your message will be shown on the topic page, and will be sent to all group members who receive one email notification of posts. 

(If you do not belong to the group, you cannot post messages to the group.)


A tag is a keyword, or category, that is associated with a post. You can associate multiple tags with a post when it is created; this should make the file easier for others to find (see Reading Messages, and Viewing Files).

Currently, tags can only be entered via the Web (see Posting Messages and Posting Files). When entering a tag, they can be formatted in one of two ways.

Comma separated

   The tags are separated by commas, which also allow words to be grouped together, such as the following four tags: tags, example post, email, message

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