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Politics online conference panel 2008

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Conference notes ...

Silona Bonewald - Leagueoftechnicalvoters.org

She gave an introduction for all the speakers.

Her notes are posted at: http://www.slideshare.net/Silona

Dan Newman - Maplight.org overview

His slides are at:

Connection of money and votes on Bills.

opensecrets.org followthemoney.org

Sarah Schacht - knowledgeaspower.org

Her slides are at:

Tim Bonneman - intellitics.com and edemocracycamp

His slides are at:

Steve Clift - dowire.org and e-democracy.org

He let us create this page! http://pages.e-democracy.org/Politics_online_conference_panel_2008

Audience members: Toledo Ohio Posting of budget online - had the charter changed. charter review committees

District of Columbia and Fairfax County Crime area via maps

Chicagocrime.org everyblock.com SF, NY, Chicago

Lessons learned: Open government postings of meetings openness of data Open Api's Microformts hashtaging iterative development

Visualization tools don't have to come from government. Just give us the data! We will create the pretty interfaces.


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