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Difference between revisions of "Politics online conference panel 2008"


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Her slides are at:
Her slides are at:
[[Tim Bonneman - and edemocracycamp]]
[[Tim Bonnemann - and edemocracycamp]]
His slides are at:
His slides are at:

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Conference notes ...

Silona Bonewald -

She gave an introduction for all the speakers.

Her notes are posted at:

Dan Newman - overview

His slides are at:

Connection of money and votes on Bills.

Sarah Schacht -

Her slides are at:

Tim Bonnemann - and edemocracycamp

His slides are at:

Steve Clift - and

He let us create this page!

Audience members: Toledo Ohio Posting of budget online - had the charter changed. charter review committees

District of Columbia and Fairfax County Crime area via maps SF, NY, Chicago

Aldertrack in chicago

Lessons learned: Open government postings of meetings openness of data Open Api's Microformts hashtaging iterative development - Silona

get candidates to commit to opening the data - Steven

Visualization tools don't have to come from government. Just give us the data! We will create the pretty interfaces. - Silona

All handouts should be placed online - Steven

Ask the geeks working on Govt for help making data public - Sarah

What organizations to network for geeks that have already created tools! - audience member

let existing groups know like - Steven

Do a - Steven

do a barcamp - Tim

Audience member created


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