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Staff, contractors, and project volunteers with E-Democracy.org.

E-Democracy.org is a fundamentally volunteer-based non-profit organization. With our network of 30+ local Issues Forums run by volunteers, we estimate that 90 percent of our labor is donated.

  • Steven Clift, Executive Director
  • Ed Davis, Issues Forums Support
  • Boa Lee, Community Outreach and Information Leader - Frogtown
  • Julia Opoti, Community Outreach and Information Leader - Cedar Riverside
  • Jennifer Armstrong, Participation 3.0 Project Assistance
  • Marny Xiong, Community Outreach Organizer - Frogtown, Eastside
  • Ravi Reddi, Community Outreach - Cedar Riverside
  • Barry Cohen, Rainbow Research, and Anne Carroll, Inclusive Social Media Evaluation
  • Daniel Bennett and Dazza Greenwood, eCitizen Foundation for PublicMeetings.Info research
  • Timothy Puffer, Grant writer
  • Michelle Fure, E-Newsletter
  • Dale Mueller, Accountant
  • David Stein, MyBallot.Net (volunteer)

With important funding, we have expanded the number of funded contract roles (although all remain well under quarter-time except for Steven Clift) so we can further expand our volunteer network to deliver the greatest "e-democracy" value possible on the planet.

See Local volunteers (future page) for links to local forum managers and leaders and the Board members list for more.


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