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To help gather initial input for priorities ideas and themes related to the next generation of local online civic engagement, we are planning a simple online survey.

Our goals are simple:

  • Identify those interested in participating or being informed about our activities
  • Gather initial input from key constituencies
  • Gather ideas for use in further rounds of convening and consulting
  • Get an early sense of differing and overlapping priorities from various constituencies (local elected officials, software developers, open government advocates, neighborhood online community/Issues Forum participants, etc.)

Draft Survey Questions

1. Please select the one identity/perspective that best represents you.

  • A. Average Citizen
  • B. Activist Citizen
  • C. Technologist - Software Developer, Web Developer, Online Design, etc.
  • D. Civil Servant (Including technology or communications staff.)
  • E. Elected Official
  • F. Open Government Activist
  • G. Participatory/Deliberative Democracy Proponent
  • H. Direct Democracy Proponent
  • F. Journalist
  • G. Internet/Social Media Expert
  • H. Government Technology Provider/Company
  • I. Neighborhood or Community Service Leader/Volunteer
  • J. Non-Profit Organization
  • K. Educator
  • L. Researcher

1A. Are you a current participant on any hosted local Issues Forums?

2. Open Question - What matters to you most - what would you like to see "online" in/for your local community? What big idea do you have? What's important to you with local online civic engagement? Share your hopes, desires, or current successes online in your local community.

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3. Three clusters of ~10 big ideas/themes - Choose what you think is most important/should be universal

This will be a laundry list of ideas - goal figure out what is most important to people and look for overlapping support among constituencies.

4. Question on local data sets/data services - what do you want out first

There is a big idea out there that governments should release more raw data about important things for others to freely present to the public in innovative ways. The current real-life example is that the National Weather Service collects weather information and you access you local information through your the media and other others rather than the government directly.

Getting this data out of from governments or organized into standard formats is a major undertaking that requires prioritization.

Who are you?

A. Everyday citizen - I am someone who wants to be able to look up inf A. Someone who "want data" to reuse, answer

If you "have data" as government to share

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5. Get connected/informed options


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