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Participation 3.0

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Participation 3.0 - Social media in local public life for inclusive engagement, transparency and problem-solving.

Participation 3.0 is E-Democracy.org's next generation local online civic engagement initiative for 2010 forward. It represents a new and third wave of activity since our founding in 1994. Today, we seek to connect local people everywhere with the best ideas and opportunities for inclusive local online civic engagement.


Stay Informed

Get Involved


The four funded projects are:

  • Next Generation Ideas
    • Our Participation 3.0 start-up outreach and convening effort to gather "next generation online civic engagement" ideas for local communities and move the best, most inclusive, ideas forward. This includes a special pilot focus on Minneapolis leveraging broad community outreach and involvement toward full multi-year, multi-funder "local everywhere" initiatives.
    • Join the online Input Group
    • Join the ongoing CityCamp Exchange where we will also gather ideas.
  • Inclusive Social Media in Local Public Life
    • Over the next 15 months we will deepen our Issues Forum start-up efforts in the lower income, high immigrant Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis and the Greater Frogtown neighborhood in St. Paul.
    • Join the online Input Group
  • Public Meetings
    • A model open and transparent "Participation 3.0" effort to liberate public meeting agendas from obscurity. This model will test and inform the open source-style specification process that will be fully deployed in the full multi-year effort.
    • Join the Technical Working Group
    • Join the technology-based LocalLabs Online Group



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