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Rondo Workshop Schedule -- A schedule of Monday night workshops at Rondo Library presented by St. Paul E-Democracy.

TechSoup is a wonderful resource for anyone in the nonprofit sector.

CTEP Member Resources

CTC Resource Center
Great resource with a lot of information relating to Computer Technology Centers Programming.

AmeriCorps VISTA Digital Divide
More Resources about Digital Divide Issues

Open Source Software

Document from Open Source Trainining - List of OSS
Mozilla - Internet Browser
Drupal - Content Management Program
Open Office - Office Applications (word, excel, access, etc.)
NVU - Web Design Program
Audacity - Audio Editing Program
Gimp - Image Manipulation Program
Scribus - Desktop Publishing Program
Inkscape - Vector graphics editor; similar to Adobe Illustrator
Blender - 3D content creation suite

Wiki Sites

Coming soon... Jotspot

Blog Sites


On-line Collaborative Communication Tools Training

Wiki Powerpoint
Google Doc's Information

Project Management

Project Management Cycle
Project Management Worksheet
Project Mini-Charter III
Project Charter III
Project Charter IV
Project Charter for Corps Day

Civic Engagement

Editorial Resources
Civic Engagement Logic Model
Civic Engagement Spectrum
Civic Engagement Action Plan Example
Civic Engagement Action Plan

Media and Video Production

CTEP Video Training Guide


Should Your Nonprofit Launch a Blog?
The Sound of blogging

Accessibility and Usability

Free technology
Hmong Presentation
Food and Culture Presentation
Accessibility and Usability Committee Video

CTC Programming

CTC Programming Presentation
Working with Youth: Notes 3.16.07
How to Open GANTT
GanttProject PP
CTEP Capacity Building Activities (doc)
CTCs as Catalysts for Community Change--Ford Foundation (PDF)
CTCNet Application (PDF)
University of MN Extension Resources (must register)

Tools for Outreach Committee

Blogging Sites (MySpace Type)

Tools to explore


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