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Organizing your neighbors with social media


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This is a draft guide to using the Internet, social media, and mobile technology to organize your nearest neighbors on you block, in your building, or in your rural area. It provides practical advice on connecting with the nearest 100 households to you.

As part of the effort, we seek to automate and make more "organic" some the more or less manual things anyone motivated can do today online with their neighbors right now. As a someone willing to be a leader and put some time into block-level organizing online, below are tools you can use today. Your lessons on what really works and what features would help others can be fed into and the broader Locals Online community.

1. E-mail Your Neighbors Individually

2. E-mail Your Neighbors as a Group - BCC:, CC:

3. Friend Your Neighbors on Facebook, Follow on Twitter

4. Develop A Neighbors Contact List

5. Start an Online Group (or Find One)

A. E-mail Lists B. Facebook Groups C. Social Networks


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