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(TC Daily Planet/Citizen Journalism/News)
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# Flickr/Picasa
# Flickr/Picasa
# YouTube/video
# YouTube/video
====See Also====
* [[Community Involvement]]
* [[Outreach tools]]

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Rondo Workshop Schedule -- A schedule of Monday night workshops at Rondo Library presented by St. Paul E-Democracy.

Learn to use the internet to become more informed and involved with your community.


SPIF/Issues Forums/Discussion

Citizens' Guide to St. Paul/MediaWiki wikis/Reference

TC Daily Planet/Citizen Journalism/News and Events




  • Greater Frogtown CDC
  • Hamline-Midway district council web site
  • Riverview List
    • My block club very recently assembled a combination free site, craigslist, and community bulletin board to serve our West Side bluff neighborhood. It's quite simple and flexible. My block club is independent of the District Council, so we don't have to worry about the commercial aspect. -Guy Western

Build Your Own

  1. Group/mailing list (Google/Yahoo)
  2. Wikis, for collaboration or reference(See [Outreach tools] page)
  3. Blog, as a soapbox or newsletter

Supporting Technologies

  1. Podcasting
  2. Flickr/Picasa
  3. YouTube/video

See Also


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