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Notice of Official Warning


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Eventually, every Forum Manager (FM) will need to issue an official warning to a member of the forum. It is important that the FM tells the rest of the forum that a warning has been issued, since our forums are founded on rules of conduct that are managed by the FM. The members need to know that the rules are being applied so the forum is seen as a respectable and safe place to discuss public policy. Please use the sample below to tactfully inform the rest of forum that official warnings have been issued and refresh the members of their participation contract with each other.

In recent days I issued a official warning on our XXXXXXX Issues Forum. Unlike most forums on the Internet, E-Democracy.Org has strict rules against XXXXXXX to which we all agreed when we joined this forum. Also, we agree to keep things related to XXXXXX area issues. Normally, forum posts are not moderated. As your volunteer Forum Manager, I've agreed to help guide discussions and keep folks on track as needed via offline communications. If anyone has any questions about the forum rules or management, drop me a note:

For your information, the full rules of are detailed via In addition, our charter also asks members to accept these additional rules via http://XXXXXX (Use the "more" link in the Introduction paragraph of your Forum's homepage.)


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