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  • Participation 3.0 Outreach and Convening - The result will be a multi-year, multi-funder next generation online "locally everywhere" civic engagement initiative gathering ideas and talent broadly from around the United States and beyond that builds on our 15+ years of experience.


We currently have funding for a deep focus on gathering input from Minneapolis as a "national test bed" and are interested in funding that will allow us more deeply engage St. Paul and Greater Minnesota. With our growing neighborhood Issues Forums network and the potential of electronic block clubs we can reach a greater percentage of the public with online civic engagement than just about anyone in the world.

Most good ideas need real people to test them out - we have the actual critical mass of "e-participants" and you have the ideas/tools/resources ... so let's connect these strengths and discover what really works and can be technologically designed to roll out nationally or globally for local communities everywhere or what needs to simply be done one community at a time by documenting and spreading best practices.

Prioritizing Ideas

During the first quarter of 2010 we will begin gathering the best ideas from existing experiments on a global basis. An extensive list of ~25 big local online civic engagement ideas/services/etc. will be compiled and circulated for input to determine the top ~10 ideas with various constituencies (e.g. an idea that serves the online engagement needs of local elected officials, one that resonates strongly with local active citizens or immigrant communities active on our Issues Forums, etc.) for further development. The top ideas will be detailed in one-two page documents for broad input before being shaped into full proposals for funding.

The Public Meetings project is a prototype idea that will test our open source style collaboration process about project definition, specifications, and more competitive and open interaction with multiple open source communities to determine the best route(s) to implement.

Our first national convening effort will assist the CityCamp gathering in Chicago in late January, 2010.


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