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New Tools for Public Participation: Google Tools

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Rondo Workshop Schedule -- A schedule of Monday night workshops at Rondo Library presented by St. Paul E-Democracy.

Workshop Activity

Do steps one and two. Then, as a group, work through the remaining activities, focusing on those of the most interest to group members.

  1. Email
    1. If you don't have web-accessible email, sign up for a Gmail account.
  2. Form groups of two or three people. Make sure at least two of the group members have access to email.
  3. Docs
    1. Make sure at least two members of the group have access to Google Docs.
    2. Have one member of the group create a document entitled "E-Democracy" (feel free to experiment with different document types). Once on the Google Docs page, this can be accomplished by clicking on the "New" button on the left side of the page and selecting the document type.
    3. Write something on the document (Just writing your name is fine). Experiment with different colors and fonts.
    4. Share the document with someone else in your group via email. Have them add something to the document from their own computer.
    5. Note that the document automatically saves itself, and that you can revert to previously saved versions.
  4. Groups
    1. <Groups Activity>
  5. Calendar
    1. Make sure at least two members of the group have access to Google Calendar.
    2. Have one group member create a Calendar entitled "E-Democracy." Once on the Calendars page, this can be accomplished by clicking on "Add" on the left side of the screen, then selecting create new calendar. Share the calendar with a second member of the group.
    3. Add an event to the calendar.
    4. Have the second group member go to the Google Calendar page from their computer and add the shared calendar.
    5. Use the colored triangle next to the calendar name in the blue box on the left side of the screen to explore calendar settings
  6. Map
    1. Go to the Google Maps page. Note that you do not have to be logged in to view and search.
    2. Have one member of the group search for their address.
    3. Now type "Rondo Community Outreach Library" into the search box. Click on the correct search result.
    4. A balloon should pop up. Click on "Street View" on the balloon.
    5. After exploring Street View, close the balloon, then click on the "Street View" button to turn off Street View mode.
    6. Explore the other buttons ("Terrain," "Satellite," "Map," "Traffic").
    7. Zoom in on Rondo Library, then click and drag on the map (not on an icon) to move around.
    8. Have one member of your group go to "My Maps" and create a new map.
    9. Play with the "Placemark," "Line" and "Shape" buttons.
    10. Use the "Collaborate" function to share the map with a second group member.
    11. Have the second group member log in and edit the map.
    12. If there is a third member, use the "Link to this page" function to allow them to view the map without being able to edit it. Note the "embed" code provided with the link, which can be used to embed a map in an HTML-based webpage.
  7. Blogger
    1. Make sure at least two group members have access to Blogger.
    2. Have one group memeber create a new blog, following the on-screen instructions.
    3. Post something to the blog. "Hello World" is sufficient. If you like, play around with the different text editing functions.
    4. After posting, go to "customize" in the top right of the page, and expolore the customization options.
    5. After exploring the various options, go to the "Settings" tab, then "Permissions," and add a second group member as an author, then click on "View Blog" to return to your blog.
    6. Have the second member log in make a post.
    7. Note the address in the address bar at the top of the screen. Have another group memeber enter this address into their browser and comment on the blog.

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