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Neighbors online discussion notes and questions


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These are random notes from the neighbors online discussion mentioned on DoWire.Org and detailed on the Idealab.

Example Sites to Watch

  • Neighborhood Issues Forums, E-Democracy.Org
    • Standish Ericsson Example Neighborhood
  • Front Porch Forum
  • i-Neighbors
  • Cleveland Park YahooGroup
  • Placeblogger - Search for Neighborhood
  • Coconut Grove, Miami Community News Blog
  • Topix
  • Outside.In

Discussion Highlights

Research Questions

1. Have e-mailed those who live nearest them on their block or just down the road?

2. Have traded an e-mail address on paper with a neighbor.

3. Are aware of or a member of a neighborhood e-mail newsletter (one way)?

4. Are aware of or a member of a neighborhood e-mail discussion list/web forum/neighborhood blog (I'd ask each separately)?

5. Would sign-up for 3 or 4 if one existed for their area?

6. If interested, what topics/uses interest them most?

7. Are aware of or have visited the website for their neighborhood association (only applies in cities)?

8. Are interested in secure online spaces to connect specifically with those on their block for crime prevention, baby sitting swapping, and the kinds of group communication you don't want everyone to see on Google?

9. It's discouraging to see how much attention the Chicago Crime map is getting, not because it isn't a brilliant web 2.0 application but because it focuses on the worst of humanity. Some of us have begun to talk about creating the "opposite of crime maps." If there are dozens of types of crime that can be mapped, shouldn't there be at least that many ways to map "social capital" or good old-fashioned neighborliness?

My guess is that organizations like NeighborWorks have already created a typology of community assets, but wouldn't it be fun to invite ordinary people, like those Platial attracts, to help create some kind of "folksonomy" of tags that capture the friendliness, uniqueness, and richness (measured in generosity of spirit not housing values) of their neighborhoods and communities?

Is anyone already creating the opposite of crime maps or What would it take to map neighborliness?


  • Micheal Wood-Lewis, Front Porch Forum
  • Bill Wendel, Real Estate Cafe
  • Ted Buerger,
  • Erin Silliman, Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy
  • Meredith Tupper, Consultant to Neighborhood Associations and Tech
  • Ben Slade, Chevy Chase YahooGroup
  • Julie Drizin, J-Lab
  • Sokunthea Sa, Case Foundation
  • Erich Broksas, Case Foundation
  • Steven Clift, E-Democracy.Org

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