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Neighborhood forums interview questions


Minneapolis neighborhood forums planning grant

NOTE: If you can, put your name after your comments while drafting. (- Clift)

I think we have too many questions for people to answer. I urge Mahi to test the almost final interview questions with a couple of people and make changes accordingly if further needed (-Author Name)

Agreed. Mahi if you could evaluate the input and edit a final version - don't worry previous suggestions are saved in this pages history if we need to go back. (-Clift)

Interview Questions

Special neighborhood planning outreach is underway to gather input from diverse citizens on this topic. A particular focus is to gather input from Internet-oriented immigrants on what they think of the idea and what my attract members of their ethnic community to geographically based neighborhood forums.

If the interviewee agrees, the interviews will be recorded but not shared publicly without their permission. We need to inform that we may quote their words in our grant application.

Mahi Palanisami will be interviewing at least 10 individuals as part of our grant planning process. This complements our online survey which receive about 50 replies.

Here is the first (edited) draft:

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and your organization (if affiliated with one)? How long have you lived in your neighborhood?
  • What are the geographical boundaries of your neighborhood?
  • Do you know what is the ethnic make-up of your neighborhood? Do you know what is the socio-economic make-up of your neighborhood? What percentage of people in your neighborhood are recent residents?We don't need this information from the interview
  • What are some of your online activities? If you produce online content (text, audio, video) tell us about your audiences and experiences? How long have you been producing online content? Specify.

  • If you provide Internet training/access/assistance to diverse communities, tell us about those communities and what is important to them online? Or tell us about popular online sites/e-mail lists/forums that are targetted to your ethnic community (or community of identity)?

  • Minneapolis E-Democracy hosts the online city-wide Minneapolis Issues Forum. It is an active forum on local city issues - a place to be heard.
    • Have you heard of it? If yes, what do you think of it?

** Have you posted or thought of posting?

    • If you haven't heard of it, what ideas do you have for building awareness of the forum in your community?

I would delete the bolded questions since they will be mostly answered by the first general one and may confuse people

    • Minneapolis E-Democracy is now planning local online neighborhood "life" forums. A place where you can connect with those who live near you - from many different ethnic backgrounds. Posts might announce a community festival or offer a free piece of furniture from a neighbor. Or discussions might be about a recent crime incident or a newly opened restaurant. Can you think of examples of useful and relevant posts to your daily life?
  • If you could shape the content and topics in your local neighborhood forum, what would you like to see? What do imagine yourself or other people using it for?
  • Do you think members of your community find it important for your community to communicate and build relationships with recent and long-time area residents? While online would only be a part of this process, do you think the online medium could help introduce people across groups?

  • If a forum was started in your neighborhood, how would you promote diverse participation? Reach out to members of your ethnic community?

  • We want to connect lots of people locally and plan to target outreach resources in a neighborhoods with a high percentage of immigrants (also communities of color and low income), what do you fear our biggest mistake will be? Overall, what concerns do you have about this idea? H
  • If you like the idea of online neighborhood forums, would you or your organization like to be listed as a supporter of the proposal for a network of such forums with outreach resources for diverse communities? (You can also volunteer to help start one in your neighborhood.)
  • If you had designed this survey, what questions would you have asked? What questions were not asked that should be there? What questions are not relevant to your neighborhood?

What questions did not ask that you think are important for us to know about


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