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Neighborhood forum uses


This is an EARLY DRAFT list of things you can use a neighborhood/neighbourhood forum to:

  • Get involved and make our community a better place
  • Exchange views on development and planning
  • Share highlights and minutes from neighborhood/resident association meetings
  • Discuss public safety and learn what happened with specific crime incidents
  • Discuss our local schools, parks, and public services
  • Foster or announce local petitions
  • Exchange views with local elected officials who represent you and government staff serving our community
  • Work to fix what's wrong
  • Share or exchange skills, time, or tools
  • Discuss local businesses, service providers, restaurants, etc.
  • Recruit volunteers for events or organizations within the neighborhood
  • Post community event announcements
  • Rally community support to assist neighbors in need or those struck by tragedy
  • Get people together
  • Be part of daily neighborhood "life"
  • Discuss city policy issues as they specifically relate to the neighborhood while kicking insider political mechanics upstairs to the city-wide Issues Forum
  • Plan plant swaps
  • Announce a garage sale or other Local Market postings (if this option is selected by the local co-hosts/forum members)

Additional draft text (this was drafted with the Local Market text:

Community Events and Announcements

  • This forum welcomes community event notices from all organizations within or to be held within the neighborhood.
  • Members (or their parents) of clubs and associations who live in the neighborhood may post announcements of events being held within the general area.
  • In addition to special event announcements, each year, all community groups, organizations, committees, local religious centers, social service agencies, etc. located within the neighborhood or with members in the neighborhood are invited to freely (re)introduce their activities, opportunities for involvement including membership or charitable donations.
  • Participants interested in announcements from a wider area may join multiple neighborhood forums, therefore announcements should not be cross-posted by the same individual to multiple forums. Areas without neighborhood forums therefore have an incentive to start their own forums (or become officially covered within the charter of this forum).

Announcements and Requests

The following kinds of announcements and requests are encouraged:

  • Community events - from neighborhood picnics and youth activities to festivals and arts events within the neighborhood
  • Public meeting and hearing - from local development discussions to crime and public safety gatherings
  • Stuff from above needs to come down here in edited form

In addition to announcements from neighbors, updates from those with public institutions that serve our residents are encouraged. This includes area parks, libraries, fire houses and police precincts, schools, and social service organizations with updates on services available to area residents. Also included are locally-relevant updates from our neighborhoods elected officials and during election seasons, direct and personal greetings from candidates.


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