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Neighborhood forum recruitment


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Recruitment strategies

  • Contacting already existing organizations in the community for support (ex. Libraries, Churches/Spiritual organizations, Neighborhood development groups, University Ave Business Association, non profits along University, Rec centers, etc)
  • Partner with neighborhood schools
  • Farmers' Market
  • Greater Frogtown Neighborhood Organization
  • Local politicians
  • Rondo Days
  • PTAs
  • Theaters

Discussion/participation development strategies

  • Intro topic - who are you? what investment do you have in your community? (Have space for non-Frogtown organizations to make connections within community)
  • Youth forum
  • Green jobs movement
  • LRT on University
  • Foreclosure
  • Gang violence
  • Closing of rec centers/libraries
  • Broadband/Wireless
  • Immigration
  • Funding for public works
  • Economy
  • Neighborhood Resources

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