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(Political Parties, Newspapers, Organizations, Etc.)
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* [http://www.davidbly.com/index.php/ David Bly] - Candidate for Mn House 25B
* [http://www.davidbly.com/index.php/ David Bly] - Candidate for Mn House 25B
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===Political Parties, Newspapers, Organizations, Etc.===
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* [http://www.dflers.org/ Official DFL Blog]
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* [http://www.stpaulcityhall.blogspot.com/ City Hall Scoop] - by the political writers at the St. Paul Pioneer Press
* [http://www.tpt.org/aatc/marys_page Mary's Page at <i>Almanac: At the Capitol</i>]
* [http://www.tpt.org/aatc/articles <i>Almanac: At the Capitol</i>'s Brain Trust]
===Other Blog Directories===
===Other Blog Directories===

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Do you have Minnesota-based blog with political, news, or community content?

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Political Parties, Newspapers, Organizations, Etc.

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