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Minnesota election tags


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Minnesota elections

Voter Voices

Tagging 2006 - Are you sharing campaign pictures or video online, bookmarking via, or posting to a blog?

The official tags for your 2006 content about the election in Minnesota are:

  • mnpolitics and if you like, the two tag combos minnesota politics - add to everything
  • mn06 - anything specifically about this election, use everywhere
    • mn06-governor and two tag combos minnesota governor - add to items specifically about the race for Governor
    • mn06-senate and two tag combos minnesota senate - add to items specifically about the U.S. Senate race

With "tags," content across the Internet can be gathered together like on our new Voter Voices page. This makes it easier for everyone to find citizen-generated content. If this idea works here, we will spread the idea to tagging 2008 with the Presidential election.

Tagged Content

Once folks start tagging their content, links to new content will be linked/displayed from our [Voter Voices] section.

  • Podcasts via iTunes - Check mn06 - mn06-governor - mn06-senate - mnpolitics - via iTunes on your computer using "Power Search" in the Podcast area. Also see "minnesota politics" on Odeo and Yahoo Podcasts - Note, we need to find a better way to bring audio content to the fore.

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