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(Individual Blogs)
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* [ Hometown Focus] - Iron Range
* [ Hometown Focus] - Iron Range
* [ Cannon Falls Beacon]
* [ Cannon Falls Beacon]
* [ Hutchinson Leader]
==City Sites / Tourism Sites / Chambers of Commerce==
==City Sites / Tourism Sites / Chambers of Commerce==

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Online Citizen Engagement & Media Projects in Greater Minnesota

We are collecting links to citizen engagement projects and citizen media projects in rural Minnesota, as part of our Rural Voices project, sponsored by the Blandin Foundation. These could be community 'issues forums,' community blogs, citizen journalism projects, podcasts, or other Web 2.0 efforts.

Please, help add to our list of sites from across Greater Minnesota:

(Note if you use to share bookmarks, tag possible sites for this page "mnvoices." See our link prospects here. Also note our experiment plotting these sites on a Google map.)

Issues Forums or Community Forums

Facebook Groups

Individual Blogs

Blogs by Elected Officials

Community News / Blogs

Online News Sites (Commercial)

City Sites / Tourism Sites / Chambers of Commerce

Local Online Community Engagement Projects

Misc Local Internet Initiatives

Shared Photos


Statewide Online Communities and Social Networking Groups with a Rural Flair

Minnesota History

Rural Development

Blogs about Rural Issues (not specific to Minnesota)


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