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Minnesota Gubernatorial E-Debate 2006


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Minnesota elections

The official home for the e-debate is located here:

E-Democracy.Org and the Blandin Foundation are pleased to work together to host online debates with the gubernatorial candidates. We are very excited because this is an opportunity for Minnesota citizens to participate directly in the debate using technology.

All the candidates on the ballot have officially confirmed their participation. Now it is your turn to take part.

How can you participate?

Follow the Debate Online

The e-debate will run October 9 – 19 from this page. Or like over 500 other voters, you can sign up to get the debate in your e-mail inbox. What could be easier?

It will take only a couple minutes to sign up for e-mail delivery:

Visit the web site: and follow the instructions to

  1. Submit your e-mail to YahooGroups (you will receive an e-mail confirmation request)
  2. Join the MN-POLITICS-ANNOUNCE group for candidate debate messages
  3. Consider joining the MN-POLITICS-DISCUSS too if you want to discuss the e-debates with other Minnesotans

Ask a Question – by October 10!

That’s right, you can submit any question you want the candidates to discuss! Think about it – what would you ask them if they were in front of you today?

The E-Democracy team will be selecting from the questions and topics submitted from the general public. Send your question via email:

  • Want a sample? “My kids seem to be the only ones in their class without a computer and Internet access at home. The teachers seem to assume access to a computer when they assign homework. We go to the library but there is a 30 minute limit on computer use and sometimes that’s not long enough. Also I hear that the library may be reducing hours. What can you do to help my kids (and others) keep up with kids who do have access at home?”

Participating candidates will debate four major themes and reply to 10 short answer questions based on your submissions.

Speak Your Mind Online

Visit the Voter Voices section to check out what your fellow Minnesota citizens feel about the elections – or join the fray by posting your written or spoken messages or upload your images and video.

Want to learn more?

Check out the following for further details:

This e-debate is made possible through the generous support of the Blandin Foundation and its Broadband Initiative. blandinlogosm.gif


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