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Minneapolis general election 2009 candidates


This directory is an detailed as the voters and candidates themselves make it. Edit this page to add additional candidates websites (if you don't who will?).


R.T. Rybak (incumbent) web - DFL endorsed
Bob Miller web (campaign suspended)
Al Flowers

Board of Estimate and Taxation

Carol Becker - DFL endorsed - 3201 48th Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55406 612-722-4288
Sean Broom - web [1] - withdrew
DeWayne Townsend - web [2] 612-724-7010

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

District #1
Michael Rainville web withdrew
Elizabeth Wielinski - DFL Endorsed - 3519 2nd St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 612-788-5688 web email
District# 2
Michael Guest - web
Jon Olson
District# 3
Scott Vreeland - DFL Endorsed - 2437 33rd Ave. S., Minneapolis MN 55406 612-721-7892
District# 4
Traci Nordstrom withdrew
Anita Tabb - DFL Endorsed - webemail
District# 5
Steve Barland
Martin A. (Marty) Demgen (612)724-7411 h., (612)877-1977 c. Web: withdrew
Carol Kummer (612) 722-0370 [mailto: email]
Jason Stone (612) 270-4568 web email
District# 6
Brad Bourn - DFL Endorsed -web email
Bob Fine withdrew
At-Large seats
Annie Young web
Mary Merrill Anderson - DFL Endorsed
John Erwin - DFL Endorsed - email 612-385-6863
Tom Nordyke - DFL Endorsed


Ward 1 (Open)
Kevin Reich (DFL Endorsed) [3]
Doron Clark - 1914 Ulysses St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 612-987-8142 web email: Withdrew (abiding by DFL endorsement)
Jose Velez web: Withdrew (abiding by DFL endorsement)
Ward 2
Allen Aigbogun web
Cam Gordon (incumbent) web
Ward 3
Diane Hofstede (incumbent, DFL Endorsed) 610 Ramsey Street NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 612 331-3636 web email
Ward 4
Marcus Harcus
Barb Johnson (incumbent, DFL Endorsed) 4350 Lyndale Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55412 web email
Troy Parker 4933 Penn Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55430 (612) 242-0892 web email
Ward 5
Don Samuels (incumbent, DFL Endorsed))
Kenya McKnight - website
Ward 6
Robert Lilligren (incumbent, DFL Endorsed)) /index.php?publication=southwest&page=152&story=12990 SWJ
Ward 7
Lisa Goodman (incumbent, DFL Endorsed))
Ward 8
Elizabeth Glidden (incumbent, DFL Endorsed)) SWJ
Ward 9
Amy Arcand web: Withdrew (abiding by DFL endorsement)
Dave Bicking (Green Party endorsed)web 3211 22nd Ave. S. #1, Minneapolis, MN 55407 612-276-1213 email
Gary Schiff (incumbent, DFL Endorsed)) web
Ward 10 (Open)
Matt Filner web: Withdrew (abiding by DFL endorsement)
Lara Norkus-Crampton web: Withdrew (prior to DFL convention)
Meg Tuthill (DFL Endorsed)web
Ward 11 (Open)
John Quincy (DFL Endorsed) web
Ward 12
Sandy Colvin Roy (incumbent, DFL Endorsed))
Charley Underwood
Ward 13
Betsy Hodges (incumbent, DFL Endorsed))web

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