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* [http://bit.ly/mplselection2013 Submit Minneapolis 2013 election and candidate links] - Master "crowd-sourced" directory  
* [http://bit.ly/mplselection2013 Submit Minneapolis 2013 election and candidate links] - Master "crowd-sourced" directory  
'''''Candidate Website and Contact Information'''''
''Candidate Website and Contact Information'''''
* [[Minneapolis candidates for Mayor]] - Ready!
* [[Minneapolis candidates for Mayor]] - Ready!

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Welcome to the non-partisan, voter crowd-sourced non-partisan election information directory for Minneapolis. Share http://e-democracy.org/mpls13 via Facebook.

Get informed, then discuss on the Minneapolis Issues Forum with over 2,000 voters or chat via #mpls13 on Twitter.

Candidate Website and Contact Information

Minneapolis 2013 Voter Guides - Direct Links

Related Links and Discussion

Please Reuse Content Freely

Election content put up on the E-Democracy.org site is open to use, reuse by anyone for any purpose, both online and in-print using the Creative Commons attribution license. The only requirement is that you credit the source so we can involve more people in building an up-to-date election information resource.

Individuals or organizations interested in using the Internet to collaboratively gather and disseminate election and candidate information on an expressly non-partisan basis in Minneapolis, should contact E-Democracy.org for more information.

Thank You


Thank you Tim Leisio for logo design. Add this logo in various sizes to your site and link them to: http://e-democracy.org/mpls13


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