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Minneapolis 2009 Voter Guides
Minneapolis 2009 Voter Guides
* [ City's Where to Vote]
* [ City's Where to Vote]
* [ MN SOS - Generate a 2009 Minneapolis Sample Ballot]
* [ Twin Cities Daily Planet]
* [ Twin Cities Daily Planet]
* [ Minnesota Daily]
* [ Minnesota Daily]

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Welcome to our second crowd-sourced non-partisan election information directory edited by the voters themselves. Discuss elections on the Minneapolis Issues Forum.

Minneapolis 2009 Voter Guides

Candidate Website and Contact Information

Related Links and Discussion

You can add new pages easily. Based on your help we can add pages of original content to help our fellow citizens cast informed votes in November 2005 local elections.

The E-Democracy.Org wiki is designed to contain balanced information sources - for example if we add pages for candidate statements, all candidates on the ballot for that race will have the opportunity to share their responses.

Please Reuse Content Freely

Election content put up on the E-Democracy.Org site is open to use, reuse by anyone for any purpose, both online and in-print using the Creative Commons attribution license. The only requirement is that you credit the source so we can involve more people in building an up-to-date election information resource.

Individuals or organizations interested in using the Internet to collaboratively gather and disseminate election and candidate information on an expressly non-partisan basis in Minneapolis, should contact E-Democracy.Org for more information.


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