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[http://e-democracy.org/mpls13 http://forums.e-democracy.org/r/file/cu14Z1LqLxQ7wRX4dkhx5WDYGc1-eva-2qB8EmV/resize/198/198/logo1.png]
<div>[http://e-democracy.org/mpls13 http://forums.e-democracy.org/r/file/cu14Z1LqLxQ7wRX4dkhx5WDYGc1-eva-2qB8EmV/resize/198/198/logo1.png]</div>
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Back to [[Minneapolis elections]]

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Sorted by filing date. (To be resorted by candidates adding #mpls13 logo and link http://e-democracy.org/mpls13 on their home page.)

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Short link to this page: http://e-democracy.org/mplsmayor

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