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* Robin Macpherson, [http://humancommunities.org Human Communities], Australia
* Robin Macpherson, [http://humancommunities.org Human Communities], Australia
* Art Campbell, [http://TheGrotonLine.com  The Groton Line], Groton, MA
* Art Campbell, [http://TheGrotonLine.com  The Groton Line], Groton, MA
* Nancy Stutts [http://www.connectrichmond.org], Richmond, Virginia
* Nancy Stutts [http://connectrichmond.org ConnectRichmond], Richmond, Virginia
* Franz Nahrada [http://www.globalvillages.info Globally Integrated Village Environment], Vienna, Austria
* Rebecca Eisenman [http://www.connectsouthside.org Southside Community Partners], Hopewell, Virginia
[http://blog.e-democracy.org/posts/822 Locals Online blog announcement]
[http://blog.e-democracy.org/posts/822 Locals Online blog announcement]

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This is the wiki page tied to the proposed Locals Online community of practice. The forum's "launch topic" will generate input into the Participation 3.0 process to gather Next Generation Ideas for the future of online civic engagement. Related links to the "locals online" fields are at social media in local public life.

Draft Invitation

Please share in a targeted fashion with those most interested.

This is an invitation to join us on Locals Online.

Do you host a ...

  • neighborhood e-mail list? ...
  • highly interactive placeblog? ...
  • local social network on Ning? ...
  • a private Facebook group for nearest neighbors? ...
  • a neighborhood parents network online? ...
  • a local online community of any kind?

Then join community builders like you on this new peer-to-peer online group for local online hosts from:



List of charter members for Locals Online

Locals Online blog announcement


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