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(E-Citizen Skill Trainer)
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== Committee/Chapter Chairs, Co-Chairs, Officers ==
== Committee/Chapter Chairs, Co-Chairs, Officers ==
== Information Seeker - Informer ==
== Information Seeker - Informer ==
== Discussion Starter ==
== Discussion Starter/Facilitator ==
== Greeter ==
== Greeter ==

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The volunteer role of the "Forum Manager" is central to the success of a community's local Issues Forum. However an Issues Forum is a means, an essential starting point, to promoting local democracy and strengthening your communities capacity to solve public problems. To achieve this broader mission, local E-Democracy.Org committees/chapters are greatly assisted by a number of volunteer roles which distribute responsibility and the opportunity to make a difference.

Below is a list of roles people have played at one point or another in at least one of our local communities. As ideal roles are identified and volunteers secured, E-Democracy.Org is then in a position to both network all the volunteers doing similar tasks (like we do with Forum Managers and local group leaders) and to provide enhanced support, share tools, and even seek funding to support network-wide initiatives.

Forum Manager

Committee/Chapter Chairs, Co-Chairs, Officers

Information Seeker - Informer

Discussion Starter/Facilitator


Online Events/ Guest Speaker Coordinator

Outreach - Recruiter - New Voices Outreach

Social and Community Events (in-person)

Participant/Volunteer Recognition

Election Guide Editor

Online Candidate Debate Host

Digital Inclusion Programs

E-Citizen Skill Trainer

Local Democracy Online Advocate/Evaluator

Technology Coordinator

Fund raising/Pledge drive Coordinator

Liason from Local Government


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