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Here are versions of the pledge in various languages offered by volunteers. Please add more. Also due to differing numbers of households per postal in various countries, make a recommendation for which part of the postal code to use that isn't too small an area.


Am 1. Mai ist #LocalDay : Einfach #Postleitzahl twittern und Nachbarn mit dem gleichen Hashtag finden -


Em 1º de maio, junte-se a nós no #DiaLocal e twitte a seus seguidores o seu CEP,


On May 1 please join us on #LocalDay and tweet your neighbours using the FSA (Forward Sortation Area - first 3 characters) part your Postal Code -

Also the FSA part of your Postal Code can be used in CanTags, a set of Canadian hash tags for tweeting local news.

For example #TORARTS is the hash tag for tweeting Toronto arts news. To tweet arts news in your Toronto neighborhood, substitute the TOR part with your FSA, for example #M5EARTS for tweeting arts-related news in the St. Laurence market neighbourhood. This works across the country.

For more details on the CanTags (Canada Tags) project please visit




Am 1. Mai ist #LocalDay : Einfach #Postleitzahl twittern und Nachbarn mit dem gleichen Hashtag finden -


5月1日。 郵便番号を Twitter に投稿して #LocalDay に参加しませんか。 ご近所さんがみつかるかも。 -




(Not your full postal code or you'll likely be the only one saying hello.)


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