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List Neighborhood E-mail Lists


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Neighborhood e-mail list are hard find. We plan to help build a future map and directory so more people can join.

Extrapolating from the Neighbors Online study, there may be over 10 million of us who have joined more than 10,000 of these very local e-mail lists/forums/social networking groups across the United States (and beyond).

That means most people either do not know about online spaces in their neighborhood or more likely than not, no one has successfully started something yet. Join the Locals Online community of practice to connect with lessons from your peers.

List Your Local Neighborhood/Parents/Community E-mail List/Online Group Here

Related Resources

  • Social media in local public life - Directory of major "network" sites
  • - The just launched start of a directory for neighborhood online spaces. While we are piloting the concept in the Twin Cities, we are proposing to start a map/search-based directory of all the neighborhood online groups we can find. We actually just received a $625K three year grant from the Knight Foundation for a broader Inclusive Community Engagement Online which will in part support this idea.

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