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DRAFT E-Democracy.Org Issues Forum FAQ
DRAFT E-Democracy.Org Issues Forum FAQ
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Please add more questions - then we will sort, combine, reorder and then ANSWER.
Please add more questions - then we will sort, combine, reorder and then ANSWER.
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DRAFT E-Democracy.Org Issues Forum FAQ

These questions were drafted a number of years ago and need to be updated with answers. A local forum may pick and choose questions and answers they would like use/adapt for use with their forum from this master list. Many of the sections in the 60 page Issues Forum Guidebook present fodder for this FAQ.

Our FAQ is broken into three parts - Why, How, and Impact.


  • Why do you use e-mail?
  • Why don't you use a web forum and drop "old" e-mail lists? (outdated now that we use GroupServer)
  • Why don't you currently use weblogs?
  • Why don't you allow anonymous or alias-based participation?
  • Isn't it a violation of free speech to limit what folks talk about or the way they express themselves?
  • Do you moderate posts?
  • What do you mean - a facilitated forum?
  • Why don't your promote online polls?


  • How do I join?
  • Does it cost anything to participate?
    • No participation in E-Democracy.Org forums is FREE.
  • How do I post to a forum?
  • How do I deal with more e-mail? How do I filter my incoming e-mail?
  • Is a digest or summary version available?
    • Yes! Here are instructions
      1. Login to the site
      2. Try THIS LINK if you have lost or forgotten your password.
      3. Follow the "Change Email Settings" link, near the bottom of the page
      4. Find the group which you wish to receive via "digest" and select CHANGE "message notification setting"
      5. Then select "Daily Digest of Topics"
  • Do I have to read all of the posts to participate?
  • Are posts available/archived on the web?
  • Can I remove a post from the archive?
  • Will I receive more spam by participating?
  • What level of privacy should I expect?
  • How do I deal with unwanted private communication?
  • Can I just subscribe to the topics that interest me most?
  • How do I file a complaint about another participants public post?
  • How do I appeal a warning/removal notice that I have received from the Forum Manager? What level of due process can I expect?
  • How are Forum Managers selected?
  • How do I complain about forum management?
  • Can I participate if I disagree with your rules?
  • How do I propose changes to your rules?
  • How can I volunteer to help E-Democracy.Org with the forum in my town or to create new forums?


  • Do you know who participates (readers and posters) on your forums?
  • Do elected officials participate?
  • Do journalists participate?
  • How "public" are the forums? Will my comments show up in the newspaper?
  • Are your forums representative?
  • What about the "digital divide" aren't your forums excluding people who are not online?
  • How "deliberative" are your forums?
  • Do political interests attempt to control or take over forums? Do they gain undue influence? * Do you reach consensus online or take action as a group?
  • Can others promote competitive forums via your network?
  • Who legally owns the forums?
  • Has E-Democracy.Org been sued or held liable for the content of posts?
  • What is the advantage of the Chapter model?
  • How is E-Democracy.Org governed? How "democratic" is it?
  • What are your future technology needs?

Please add more questions - then we will sort, combine, reorder and then ANSWER.


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