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Issues Forum recruitment technology


Revision as of 03:51, 4 July 2007 by Tim Erickson (Talk | contribs)

The Issues Forum model is quite sustainable, but scalability and extension is quite labor intensive. We need technology to assist our outreach and forum development process.

Here is our original idea:

From our home page - you sign a global petition in support of local democracy online and a local Issues Forum (or you select your existing community forum if one exists)

You are asked for:

  • Your name
  • Your City, Country Code
  • Your e-mail
  • |X| Yes, I want to support local democracy by participating in a local online forum on public issues for my community.

We'd use the Gaze web service from MySociety (most likely) to determine a more exact local community and then create a GroupServer account for that person.

After the person presses ...

Here is another idea:

Global Survey on Local Democracy

The quest to find the 100 best and worst local democracies around the world.

Enter city, country:

Use GAZE to identitify actual place. Record.

Ask them three survey questions. Based on country present version in local language, with option to translate survey into their language. Launch with a dozen languages.

Question 1: Rate your local Mayor or Council Leader.

Question 2: Rate your local Council and elected officials.

Question 3: What should be done to improve your local community.

[ ] Share publicly

Tell me more...

[ ] Notify me of results when available or significantly updated.

[ ] I would like to discuss or read online discussions on issues in my community. (E-Democracy.Org Issues Forums)

[ ] I would like to start or take a pledge to take specific actions to improve my community. (PledgeBank)

If yes to any of the above, enter e-mail:

Help build a valid survey in your community and around the world, invite others to answer the survey:

Enter e-mail boxes

Results could be made available with 100 respondents in the community and update notifications sent every 500 or so.

Based on the "tell me more" submissions E-Democracy and mySociety will be able to use these opt-in lists for outreach.


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