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Interview questions


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As part of our final Rural Voices effort we are evaluating this initiative. Below are draft interview questions for participants and our volunteer Forum Managers. We plan a more extensive online survey for interested participants, so those questions are designed more to gather stories in audio or video for storytelling.

Questions for Participants

Questions for Forum Manager

  • What initially interested you in the Issues Forum concept?
  • What did you do to help launch the forum?
    • What steps were easy?
    • Which ones were more difficult?
  • How did others help with the launch? Who helped forum recruitment break through?
  • What message or method seemed to work best to interest people in the forum?
  • Since the forum opened to postings...
    • What has been the most rewarding?
    • What has been the most difficult or challenging?
  • Imagine you are talking to a potential Forum Manager in a different community, what are the top lessons or advice you would share?
  • What are some interesting or notable topics of discussion on the forum thus far? Any stories on the impact of media coverage or value to the community or decision-makers?
  • Looking forward ...
    • What do you think you and other volunteers should do to improve your forum?
    • What can work to provide (either through central volunteers or funded efforts)?

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