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==Print Materials==
==Print Materials==
* [http://e-democracy.org/logo/E-DemLogoOnlySquare.jpg E-Democracy Logo People-only] - 1.2 MB JPG
* [http://e-democracy.org/if/print/BeNeighborsReadThenPassOnePager.pdf TCNeighbors One Page Poster/Flyer - PDF] - [http://e-democracy.org/print More Fliers, Sign-up Sheets, etc.]
* [http://e-democracy.org/logo/ E-Democracy Full Logo] - Many options
* [http://e-democracy.org/logo/E-DemLogoOnlySquare.jpg E-Democracy Logo People-only] - 1.2 MB JPG - [http://e-democracy.org/logo/ All Sizes]
* [http://e-democracy.org/print Print Flyers, Sign-up Sheets, etc.]

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Inclusive Community Engagement Online - Project Home


The Inclusive Community Engagement Online initiative is a comprehensive three year initiative led by E-Democracy.org. With three years of initial funding from the Knight Foundation, it has three main components:

  • St. Paul Neighbors Forums - Inclusion, expansion, and engagement to reach 10,000 participants
  • Lesson Sharing - Convening, research, and promoting online engagement widely
  • Innovation and Technology - Next generation experiments

The BeNeighbors.org campaign is slated to evolve into a "Got Milk?" style directory of online neighborhood spaces including those well beyond the official E-Democracy forum network.

Key Resources


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