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Project Overview

Inclusive Community Engagement Online

An initiative led by E-Democracy launched in 2012 with funding from the Knight Foundation Contact - Steven Clift, Executive Director - - +1-612-234-7072

E-Democracy's Inclusive Community Engagement Online initiative covers three themes:

  • St. Paul Neighbors Forums - Inclusion, expansion, and engagement
  • Lesson Sharing - Convening, research, and promoting online engagement
  • Innovation and Technology - Next generation experiments

A three year grant for $625,000 from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation supports this major initiative. Additional funding will extend the number of communities served.

Full details:

1. St. Paul Neighbors Forums

Reach 10,000 participants across our Neighbors Forums network of 15+ online forums in St. Paul. That will be 10% of households engaged most days on a sustained, long-term basis. Inclusively engage diverse communities with special efforts focused on lower income areas, communities of color, and St. Paul’s many immigrant communities. Develop sponsorship and other revenue-generating experiments across our full network. Launch our “campaign” to promote online neighbor connecting:

2. Lesson Sharing and Convening

Provide enhanced training to our many volunteers, outreach team, and others Share our special “inclusion” lessons for wide spread adaptation by the online engagement field and build continuous use of metrics and research into our efforts.

Convene everyone interested online neighbor connecting and inclusive engagement via our 300+ member Locals Online community of practice -

Provide special training and webinars for those interested in applying or exchanging lessons from interest Knight communities (26 possible) as well other communities where funded.

Request more information at:

3. Innovation and Technology

Foster "next generation" technology experiments in collaboration with technology-oriented civic initiatives to promote people-centric technology and new models for inclusive community engagement online. Leverage:

Enhance the open source online communities tool we use.

Explore "electronic block clubs" pilots along Central Corridor in St. Paul combining open source technology with intensive outreach and hybrid face-to-face/online models.


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