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Difference between revisions of "ICEO Lessons"


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''One-Pager Versions: PDF, Google Doc''
'''Inclusive Community Engagement Online - Lesson Sharing'''
'''Inclusive Community Engagement Online - Lesson Sharing'''

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One-Pager Versions: PDF, Google Doc

Inclusive Community Engagement Online - Lesson Sharing

An initiative led by E-Democracy launched in 2012 with funding from the Knight Foundation Contact - Steven Clift, Executive Director - - +1-612-234-7072

Lesson Sharing and Convening - Engagement Initiative

Convening practitioners, experts, organizations, and funders interested in furthering effective and inclusive online-supported community engagement and neighbor to neighbor connections. Details:

1. Online Communities of Practice - Join Practitioners Now

Thousands of local online “hosts” lead this social media-infused movement. This includes those working solo on just on their block to community-wide efforts using different models and technologies. Our free to join “just in time” online communities of practice promote peer to peer knowledge exchange. Join from:

  • Locals Online - Over 300 “hosts” and others connecting local online communities
  • Digital Inclusion Network - World’s largest exchange on digital divide solutions
  • Local Labs - Local loving geek to geek technical exchange
  • CityCamp Exchange - Open source, open data and Local Gov 2.0

E-Democracy’s inclusive online engagement lessons will be pro-actively shared across these growing networks along with insights and experiences from other projects around the world.

2. Training and Resources - Webinars, On-Site Visits, and More

There are two tiers of service. Request info:

  • A. Training via webinars and special private online peer to peer support. These will be promoted “pre-paid” across interested Knight communities and available to other communities at a low cost.
  • B. Intensive on-site training, consulting and field outreach services, pilots (using E-Democracy technology hosting or a local partner’s technology) will be made available based on local funding sources.

The goal is to provide hands-on assistance that distributes the skills required for inclusive online community engagement in new communities. In addition, we seek major conference presentation and training opportunities where we can reach community leaders active across many communities.

3. Research, Metrics, and Evaluation

Our St. Paul campaign to inclusively engage 10,000 residents online has serious R+D aspects to its design. We seek partners and experts to advise our research and metrics as well as independent researchers seeking to leverage our active online participant base to generate and share new knowledge. Research info: http:/


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