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Groupserver / E-Democracy Meeting on July 31st

Proposed Agenda: (NOTE: Any thing entered on this document is public).

Note, I don't expect us to follow the time-line precisely, but I'm hoping that it will give us some idea of how much we can realistically expect to accomplish during this call.

  1. 5 Min - Dan - Groupserver Update
    • Dan will give us a quick summary of what is new with Groupserver and OnlineGroups.Net
      • Search - How its coming along?
      • Summary of Posts (as per Michael's recent update)
      • Open source release 1.0?? (update)
  2. 5 Min - Steve/Tim - E-Democracy.Org Update
    • Very quick update on E-Democracy.Org Strategic Plan. Including an update on some grants that we are very close to securing, each of which will have a small amount of funding for specific groupserver features.
  3. 10 Min - Tim - Getting user Input/Feedback
    • E-Democracy.Org would like to propose a joint survey of all E-Democracy.Org users gathering, input and feedback, specifically on the usability of our particular installation of Groupserver. We would invite Michael, Dan, and Richard to develop questions and we'd like to add a few of our own. We'd use SurveyMonkey.Com (unless Dan wants to try setting this up on Groupserver) We think we could get at least 100 or more responses.
    • ACTION: Is this of interest??
  4. 5 Min - Tim - New Features Process
    • We'd like to spend a few minutes talking about (and assessing) the process that use to talk about and develop new features
  5. 20 Min - Tim - E-Democracy.Org New Feature Priorities
    • We hope to have a small amount of money to spend over the next 1-3 months on Groupserver improvements or new features.
  6. 10 Min - Steve - Various other hosting / grant possibilities (as discussed in recent emails)
  7. 5 Min - Tim - Closing & Next Steps

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