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While we have collected ideas for Groupsever Features before, we'd like to start fresh and use this page to brainstorm a list of the NEW features that you'd most like to see added to Groupserver today!

March 2006.

Post Your Groupserver Feature Ideas Here

  1. - Ability to do a poll
  2. - Able to share data with Drupal (another online platform)
  3. - Games (??)
  4. - Back to 2 posts per day (6:00 am to 6:00 am) instead of 2 posts per 24 hours
  5. - Ability to filter posts by author, subject, and possibly time.
  6. - Ability to group topics even if the subject line changes
  7. - Full text search - better display of results with fine tuning of search criteria
  8. - More individual profile fields (party, political districts, etc) and ability to filter individuals by profile criteria
  9. - Feature on web site to remind participants what/when they last posted. Might help prevent duplicate posts.
  10. - Improve bounce processing
  11. -

If you are curious, feel free to peak at this previous list of Groupserver feature ideas. However, if you've got a great idea, we want to see on THIS page.


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