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== IGSGroupInfo ==
== IGSGroupInfo ==
'''Package''': Products.GSGroup.interfaces.IGSGroupInfo
'''Package''': [https://source.iopen.net/groupserver/Products.GSGroup/files/tip/Products/GSGroup/interfaces.py#L15 Products.GSGroup.interfaces.IGSGroupInfo]
Declares basic properties of a group:
Declares basic properties of a group:
Line 35: Line 35:
== GSGroupInfo ==
== GSGroupInfo ==
'''Package''': Products.GSGroup.groupInfo.GSGroupInfo
'''Package''': [https://source.iopen.net/groupserver/Products.GSGroup/files/tip/Products/GSGroup/groupInfo.py Products.GSGroup.groupInfo.GSGroupInfo]
'''ZCA Name''': groupserver.GroupInfo
'''ZCA Name''': groupserver.GroupInfo
Line 45: Line 45:
Additional properties/methods provided:
Additional properties/methods provided:
* groupObj
* description
* description
* relativeURL
* relativeURL
Line 51: Line 52:
* group_admins
* group_admins
* group_stats
* group_stats
* group_members_info - an instance of Products.GSGroupMember.groupMembersInfo.GSGroupMembersInfo
* site_admins
* site_admins
* joinability
* joinability
Line 206: Line 206:
'''Package''': gs.profile.email.base.useremail.EmailUser
'''Package''': [https://source.iopen.net/groupserver/gs.profile.email.base/files/tip/gs/profile/email/base/emailuser.py#L9 gs.profile.email.base.useremail.EmailUser]
'''ZCA Name'''
'''ZCA Name'''
Line 212: Line 212:
* groupserver.EmailUserFromEmailAddress - Returns an EmailUser based on a provided email address string
* groupserver.EmailUserFromEmailAddress - Returns an EmailUser based on a provided email address string
''' Factory''
'' Factory''
* gs.profile.email.base.useremail.EmailUserFromUser(ICustomUser)'
* gs.profile.email.base.useremail.EmailUserFromUser(ICustomUser)
Implements IGSEmailUser and Adapts IGSUserInfo
Implements IGSEmailUser and Adapts IGSUserInfo
Line 229: Line 229:
* user.getProperty(<string>, <string>) - General Properties
* user.getProperty(<string>, <string>) - General Properties
[[Category:GroupServer Development Reference]]
[[Category:Technology:GroupServer Development Reference]]

Latest revision as of 15:25, 19 August 2013

GroupServer has many objects, interfaces, and components. This page serves as an incomplete list and quick reference of the data structures of GroupServer. In many cases, a brief description of the structure's purpose and listing of its properties/methods is provided. In general, the EGG-INFO/PKG-INFO of the structure's egg will provide much more detail, and will probably be more current. And of course, there's the code itself.

Groups, Group, and GroupMembers


Package: gs.groups.groupsInfo.GSGroupsInfo

ZCA Name: groupserver.GroupsInfo - adapter

Provides info/access for all groups on the site, and creates lists of groups based on user membership.

  • .get_all_groups()
  • .get_visible_groups() - Returns all groups visible to the logged in user
  • .get_visible_group_ids() - Returns ids of .get_visible_groups()
  • .filter_visible_groups_id(gIds)
  • .clear_groups_cache()
  • .get_non_member_groups_for_user(user)
  • .get_joinable_groups_for_user(user)
  • .get_joinable_group_ids_for_user(user)
  • .get_member_groups_for_user(user, authUser=None) - Returns a list of groups the user is a member of. If "user" is the same as the "authenticatedUser", then the list will be of all groups that "user" is a member of. Otherwise only the groups that the user is a member of, and has posted to, will be listed.


Package: Products.GSGroup.interfaces.IGSGroupInfo

Declares basic properties of a group:

  • group_exists()
  • get_id()
  • get_name()
  • get_url()
  • get_property(prop, default)


Package: Products.GSGroup.groupInfo.GSGroupInfo

ZCA Name: groupserver.GroupInfo

Implements IGSGroupInfo and provides the following constructor:

  • __init__(self, context, groupId=None): If no groupId, the group will be figured out by acquisition.

Additional properties/methods provided:

  • groupObj
  • description
  • relativeURL
  • group_type
  • ptn_coach
  • group_admins
  • group_stats
  • site_admins
  • joinability


Package: Products.GSGroupMember.interfaces.IGSGroupMembersInfo

Declares properties related to the set (and subsets) of members of a group.

  • groupInfo
  • siteInfo
  • members
  • fullMembers
  • fullMembersCount
  • invitedMembers
  • invitedMembersCount
  • etc...


Package: Products.GSGroupMember.groupMembersInfo.GSGroupMembersInfo


Package: Products.GSGroup.interfaces.IGSMailingListInfo

  • is_moderated
  • is_moderated_new
  • get_moderators
  • get_moderatees
  • get_blocked_members


Package: Products.GSGroup.mailinglistinfo.GSMailingListInfo

ZCA Name: groupserver.MailingListInfo

Implements IGSMailingListInfo. Also includes an instance of the Mailing List Manager for the group as .mlist.

Site Objects


Package: Products.GroupServer.interfaces.IGroupserverSite

Simple interface for a GroupServer site folder.


  • get_site()


Package: Products.GroupServer.GroupserverSite

Implements IGroupserverSite and subclasses OFS.OrderedFolder.OrderedFolder.


Package: Products.GSContent.interfaces.IGSSiteInfo

A marker interface.


Package: Products.GSContent.view.GSSiteInfo

ZCA Name: groupserver.SiteInfo

Implements IGSSiteInfo.

Provides the following properties:

  • id
  • name
  • title
  • url
  • site_admins
  • showImage - Don’t know what this does
  • skin

Also provides:

  • siteObj
  • config
  • get_path
  • get_support_email
  • get_property(prop, default=None) - Convenience method for .siteObj.getProperty(prop, default)

User Objects


Package: Products.CustomUserFolder.interfaces.IGSUserInfo

ZCA Name

  • groupserver.UserFromId - Factory based on a provided user ID
  • groupserver.LoggedInUser - Factory returned the logged in user

Declares methods to get available information about individual users.

  • get_id
  • get_profile_url
  • get_names
  • get_display_name
  • get_image_url
  • get_groups
  • get_email_address_visibility
  • get_all_email_addresses
  • get_preferred_email_addresses
  • get_timezone


Package: Products.CustomUserFolder.userInfo.GSUserInfo

Implements IGSUserInfo and adapts ICustomUser. However, the methods declared by IGSUserInfo are not defined.


Package: Products.CustomUserFolder.interfaces.ICustomUser

Appears to be a marker interface


Package: Products.CustomUserFolder.CustomUser.CustomUser

Inherits from User and Folder, and implements ICustomUser

  • get_image(url_only=True) - Returns the image of a user, or just the url by default.


Package: gs.profile.email.base.interfaces.IGSEmailUser

Represents a user who can add and remove email addresses to and from their profile. Also allows user to manage other settings related to email delivery.


  • add_address
  • remove_address
  • is_address_verified
  • get_addresses - Returns a list of all email addresses associated with the user
  • get_verified_addresses
  • get_unverified_addresses
  • get_delivery_addresses - Returns default delivery email addresses
  • set_delivery
  • drop_delivery


Package: gs.profile.email.base.useremail.EmailUser

ZCA Name

  • groupserver.EmailUserFromEmailAddress - Returns an EmailUser based on a provided email address string


  • gs.profile.email.base.useremail.EmailUserFromUser(ICustomUser)

Implements IGSEmailUser and Adapts IGSUserInfo

ACL User

Retrieving ACL User by Email

user = context.acl_users.get_userByEmail(email)

Properties of ACL User

  • user.getId() - User ID
  • user.getProperty(<string>, <string>) - General Properties

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