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Great Expectations event in Washington DC


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  • What: Great Expectations: After the vote - citizens online, e-democracy in governance, and White House 2.0
    • A presentation and facilitated discussion with Steven Clift, one of the first Internet and politics/government gurus dating back to 1993.


Join Steven Clift for an afternoon exploring real world democracy and the Internet.

The United States excels at online campaigning and advocacy - or put another way raising money and making noise online. Does this really matter when come election day those in power turn off the tools of interactivity? Can citizens really have a voice online and meet public challenges if we haven't developed an online listening infrastructure at all levels of governance and community? With the "e-campaign" of 2008 raising citizen expectations for the use of the Internet in democracy, Steven Clift will share his top ten "to do list" with examples from around the world that will help us meet those expectations in governance not just elections.

Join us from 3-5 p.m. on Wednesday, January 9th in the State Room, 6th Floor Elliott School, George Washington University for a two part presentation. The first hour will cover ten online steps for government support of democracy spiced up with e-democracy in governance stories from around the world as well as an update on the "local up" strategy of E-Democracy.Org. The next "two-way" hour will focus on an in-depth discussion of the theme "White House 2.0" and reactions to the General Services Administration's new and extremely important publication on "How E-Government is Changing Society and Strengthening Democracy.” Access Steven Clift's contribution and links to the 46 short articles in this collection from:

Steven Clift, a new Ashoka Fellow, is the Founder and Board Chair of E-Democracy.Org and convener of the Democracies Online (DoWire.Org) online community of practice. In 1994 E-Democracy.Org hosted the world's first election information website in Minnesota. Today, they host local Issues Forums (aka online town halls) across ten communities in three countries. His international democracy online story is based on public speaking visits across 27 countries. For articles, blogs, online groups and more see

  • When: 3-5 p.m, Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
  • Where: State Room, 6th Floor Elliott School (1957 E Street NW), George Washington University - Paid parking available in building.
    • Bonus: Post-event happy hour gathering at Karma at corner of 19th and "I".
  • Cost: Free.
    • A voluntary donation to E-Democracy.Org is encouraged at the event by check or donate now online.


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