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Grant proposal template


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Grants Home

These fields are from the Minnesota Common Grant Application Form. Some of our smaller grant proposal will be Minnesota focused, so this is a place to start.

Proposal Information

Please give a 2-3 sentence summary of request:

Population served:

Geographic area served:

Funds are being request for (check one):

____ General operating support

__X Project/program support

____ Start-up costs

____ Technical assistance

____ Capital

____ Other (list)

Project dates (if applicable): January 2008 through December 2008

Fiscal year end: JUNE 30, 2008-2009

Budget -

Dollar amount requested: $

Total annual organization budget: $

Total project budget (for support other than general operating): $

Proposal Narrative

I. Organization Information:

Leave empty for now ... will draft common base.

II. Purpose of Grant

1. Situation

a. The opportunity, challenges, issue or need and the community that your proposal addresses.

b. How that focus was determined and who was involved in that decision-making process.

2. Activities

a. Overall goal(s) regarding the situation described above.

b. Objectives or ways in which you will meet the goal(s).

c. Specific activities for which you are seeking funding.

d. Who will carry out those activities.

e. Time frame in which this will take place.

f. How the proposed activities will benefit the community in which they will occur, being as clear as you can about the impact you expect to have.

g. Long-term strategies (if applicable) for sustaining this effort.


A. Please describe your criteria for success. What do you want to happen as a result of your activities?

B. How will you measure these changes?

C. Who will be involved in evaluating this work (staff, board, constituents, community, consultants)?

D. What will you do with your evaluation results?

Project Budget

Here is a project budget worksheet.


Source Amount


  • Government grants $
  • Foundations $
  • Corporations $
  • United Way or other federated campaigns $
  • Individual contributions $
  • Fundraising events and products $
  • Membership income $
  • In-kind support $
  • Investment income $


  • Government Contracts $
  • Earned Income $
  • Other (specify) $
  • $

Total Income $


Item Amount $FT/PT

  • Salaries and wages (breakdown by individual position and indicate full- or part-time.)
    • $
    • $
    • $
    • $
    • $
    • SUBTOTAL: $
  • Insurance, benefits and other related taxes $
  • Consultants and professional fees $
  • Travel $
  • Equipment $
  • Supplies $
  • Printing and copying $
  • Telephone and fax $
  • Postage and delivery $
  • Rent and utilities $
  • In-kind expenses $
  • Depreciation $
  • Other (specify) $
  • $
  • Total Expense $

DIFFERENCE (Income less Expense) $


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