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Frogtown Neighborhood Forum


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Rondo Workshop Schedule -- A schedule of Monday night workshops at Rondo Library presented by St. Paul E-Democracy.

St. Paul E-Democracy wants to work with you to develop an online forum for Frogtown residents and business owners to share information and discuss community issues.

We Need Your Input!

Join your neighbors to help us plan the Frogtown Neighborhood Forum:

  • Tuesday, February 26th
  • 10:30 to Noon
  • Rondo Community Outreach Library
  • Dale and University
  • All are welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be provided.

What is a neighborhood forum?

An online neighborhood forum is an ongoing community meeting, where you can post local news, share information, ask questions and keep in touch with your neighbors.

Who is St. Paul E-Democracy?

St. Paul E-Democracy runs the St. Paul Issues Forum and St. Paul Announcements Forum, and provides free computer workshops at Rondo Library.

Our mission is to inform, engage and empower citizens in the public life of our community by building online forums and tools for citizen engagement and making them accessible to the community.


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