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File Upload Suggestions

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File Upload Suggestions

Original by Steve Clift

You can share files via GroupServer in two ways:

1. Simply attach them via e-mail. The files are placed in the file library and listed with the topic view on the web. E-mail users get a link to the file *at the bottom* of the message. As a private group, you will need to provide your login and password to download files.

2. Upload via the web. Simply add a file when you post to an existing or new topic via the web. When you upload via the web you can also add tags to your file.

This is an extremely bandwidth friendly way to share files so don't be shy about file size (although you might as well keep your long public videos on video sharing sites).

The tagging concept isn't completely implemented by the GroupServer folks, but I am going to encourage them to add the ability to tag via e-mail as well (see next post).


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