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Difference between revisions of "Fergus-Falls-2"


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Citizen Media and Online Engagement

A collection of citizen media links in Minnesota. This collection is only a sampling of what is available.

Also if you find more, tag them "mnvoices" using,

Online News, Citizen Journalism, Blogs

Citizen Engagement


MN Homesteading YahooGroup


Hero Reports


  • Web 2.0 - The interactive, mixable web.

Wikipedia - Winona (Opportunity to improve town's listing)

 - (Blank "stub"!, should add 

statue photo) Twitter - Short message exchange


Twitter search for Winona via Summize


Local Twitter for 55987 (demonstrates how 3rd party sites enhance "open" tools)


Facebook - Social Networking

 - (closed network, must join/login to see)

(Winona groups)

 - SE MN Young Republicans
 - Winona State Basketball

Flickr - Photo sharing

 - - Winona photos
 - - Watch photos as they come in on a world map - Shared bookmarks

 - - Bookmarks from Hibbing library

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