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These pages are for personal recomendations of locally owned and managed businesses. I took these from email postings and edited till my eyes went bleary ... Feel free to help organize the list.

This page inspired by the following topic in SPIF:

If you see anything on this list that is not locally owned, please remove it.


  • Glockenspiel drink there while you can - the rumors aren't very rosy
  • Summit Brewery like a good neighbor, with a beermeister




  • Architectural Services
  • St. Paul Gallery
  • Highland Nursery spendy but worth it
  • Seven Corners Hardware - if you need it, and it's made of metal, it's

there. Ditto for many non-metal things.

  • Wet Paint- one of the best art supply stores around and has great sales, information and super nice staff.
  • Gypsy Moon for gifts and fun house things.
  • Snelling Treadle Yard Goods for beautiful fabrics and good advice.


  • White Way Cleaners no friendlier launderers anywhere


 On the Left Bank (a.k.a. Seventh Heaven):
 Maharaja's  if only for the 3-D glasses and blacklight room; don't know
 what that weird stuff is for...
 Downtowner  but bartending is hit or miss
 Chico Chica de colores!  and hip authors
 Sophie Joe's      guaranteed to find SOMEthing, or see a movie star
 Hot City Pizza    where else can you get a Metro White?
 Pilney Retro or whatever it's called
 Donohue Cos.      great building, and who doesn't like Patrick?
 Golden Chow Mein  "twenty minute"; no misfortunes
 West 7th Pharmacy good drugs, no questions asked
 Ray's best gyros and stromboli for miles
 Mitch's     comfort food and Mr. Mitch
 Fort Road Animal Clinic great staff all around
 Mickey's    hey, it's open in the middle of the night
 Parrish's   Americana
 Casey's     they are rebuilding, right?!
 The Manor   I can hardly believe it's gone...
 Leitner's   both locations are great
 Mahler Music      squeeze box nirvana
 The Spot Bar      it only looks scary

  • "Essence of Nonsense" on St. Clair...Great Toys, great stories and great owners. You can learn anything about Marbles from Tom that you would ever want to know, and he has a great tournament every year for the kids. He also teaches marbles to kids all over St. Paul.
  • Regina's chocolates- the best. Also, Widmer's Market, great meat department and they do delivery for people that need it.
  • Brewberry's coffee, Mississippi Market.
  • Cleveland Wok down on Cleveland
  • Punch Pizza on Cleveland
  • Porky's drive in
  • Andy's Garage Restaurant,
  • Goodwill on Univerity and Prior.
  • Coffee News for great hamburgers and hanging out,
  • Dunn Brothers on Grand and Snelling for the best coffee
  • Gingko's on Snelling
  • Fasika restaurant on Snelling, Black Sea restaurant on
  • Cossetta's Market - believe it or not, there are many small luxuries

to be had, like the incredible shredded Mozzarella for $5.29 a pound.

  • A Toast to Bread - I often plan meals around what they inspire me to


  • The old Food and Fuel that everyone now just calls "The Arabs" - what

a nice staff, and they were open on Christmas, too!  :-)

  • Mississippi Market - I'm still not sure why I haven't become a member.
  • Red Balloon - We still have one independant bookstore!

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