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This is a page where we are tracking topics on hosted Issues Forums at the community and neighborhood level that are particularly notable. Of special interest are those topics showing deeper engagement and inclusion of diverse voices and subjects as well as those influencing the media and elected officials.

Our strategic goal in embracing broader "community life" themes is to increase the size of the audience involved in such discussions. In short, being open to "who can recommend a good plumber" or "free stuff on the corner" makes these more civic and issue-based exchanges all the more powerful and accessible even if as a percentage of topics total exchanges, the examples below are not repeated every week on every forum.


  • Standish Ericsson "Community Life" Neighbors Forum:
    • Click Latest Topics to go in a bit. Lots of neighborly exchange.
    • Over 500 members reaching 10% of households everyday.

    • Note that each forum has a basic member directory:

Community Organizer Use

Government and Elected Official Participation =

  • Government participation -
    • In terms of "e-participation" with government the key to our citizen-based model is that once you get the people organized that

government will come to you:

  • Adding list of links to posts from local elected officials and staff - Because most participants fall within an elected officials district, we experience solid "constituent service" engagement on many forums.

Further Information

... rough draft ...

The lessons and the like are documented here:

The best way to get a sense of the "life" is to look deeply at a few key forums (I've dug out some nuggets for you.) Our users normally start with specific forums and once subscribed, rarely visit the web site home - - because e-mail is the default for publishing.

The one advantage of online news commenting/blogs is the relatively ease for "outsiders" to quickly scan for action. In the two-way forum model, the built up social connections are hard to "see" and new topics may have unlinked context from weeks back.

You can quickly scan the latest 100 topics (many with multiple posts) across the 25+ forums: (We've had over 100 posts in the last 24 hours across the network. All signed using real names.)

Here you will see a real-time mix of posts from our hyper-active Minneapolis forum, the US forum (our release value ... not very civil compared our local spaces but better than online news commenting), a small town rural forum, and some posts from our online working groups and the like.

You can get a sense of the size of forums - the ones under 100 are in start-up mode:


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