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An Evaluation Dashboard would be a page, or a group of pages, that E-Democracy staff would use to view statistics about the platform (, groups on the platform, groups of groups on the platform (e.g. all groups in neighborhood groups in Minneapolis), and users on the platform.

Where and Who

A site wide evaluation dashboard could be provided at Sub pages could display specific measures in greater detail.

Each group could also have a group level display of statistics at<groupId>/evaluation/. Again, sub pages could display specific measures in greater detail.

The primary audience for this would be E-Democracy staff. Depending on the nature of information displayed, or the server resources required to display, these pages could be made to only be accessible to a limited group of people, which would initially include only staff and forum managers/coaches. Outside researchers could be an additional audience, and could be granted access on request.

Which Statistics

A long list of desired statistics and evaluations can be found in the Google Doc Metrics, Research, and Evaluation Execution Plan - Detailed.

Existing Tools

A set of pages and scripts already exist that provide a level of evaluation support. In some cases, these existing tools can be modified and moved to a site/group evaluation section. In other cases, the tools would need to be rewritten to improve performance and usability.

A display of the number of posts made each month, for every group since its founding, can be viewed at This page also allows somebody to download the statistics as a CSV. The current page takes considerable time and server resources to display. In addition, it does not display information in a way that makes comparing multiple groups easy.

Exportable Formats

Ideally, every page related to evaluation will allow a user to download the displayed information in a CSV, and access the data in an interchange format (i.e. JSON or XML). Doing so will allow users to perform analysis beyond what is built into the evaluation pages.


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