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Email Management Suggestions

Originally posted by Dan Randow, in Canterbury Public Issues Forum on April 1, 2007

Hi Folks,

Everyone who receives this email, is receiving it because they agreed to join this forum, either by email, on the Web, or by adding their information to a paper form.

If you express a wish to leave, I will remove you from the forum. It is also easy to leave yourself. Just follow the instructions at the bottom of this email.

This Forum uses email to notify members of the posts that have been made. You can also post via email, simply by replying. When the forum is busy, this will generate what may seem like a lot of email. This is what we are aiming to achieve: vibrant online conversations about issues related to Canterbury.

The following options are available to you.

1: Leave the forum.

2: Change your email settings, so you get less email.

3: Manage the email so that it is not burdensome.

If you leave the forum, you will no longer get email notifications, and you will not be able to post. You can still, however read the posts via the web, or using a feed reader, at the following links.

You can change your email settings to receive no email at all, or a "Topic Digest" which you will receive once per day, at the most. You will still be able to post to the forum, via email or the Web. To do this, log in and visit the following page.

Some of you have already attempted to use this feature, but without success. It was unfortunately 'broken' until recently. I apologise for this, and request that you try it again.

If you do not know you log in name and password, use the "Password Reset" feature.

There are various ways of managing this so that it does not become burdensome. You can easily identify email from this forum, by the text at the beginning of each subject line ("[Canterbury Issues]"). The simplest method is to delete the emails on topics that are not of interest to you. Alternatively, you can get your email programme to filter the emails into a folder.




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