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Once you make a post to any forum hosted at you may not edit or delete it.


  • Your message is immediately distributed to e-mail participants. The web version is designed to be an accurate reflection of exactly what was said on the forum.
  • Participant accountability is central to our upfront promotion of civility and "I better check my facts" before I post anything promotion. "I can change it later" avoids accountability.
  • Volunteer forum managers are not able to edit or delete posts - this helps protect them from liability associated editing and therefore acting as a publisher.
  • In general, making it difficult to change your own or others comments promotes democracy by avoiding censorship.

We do have a rare exceptions policy for libelous and privacy infringing posts - Forum Content and Removal Policy.

Alternative Options

If you posted incorrect information or need to clarify what you posted, imagine yourself speaking live to a public gathering. What would you say to clarify the situation or smooth ruffled feathers?

  • Post a correction/follow-up - if few on no people have posted a reply, just post in the same topic. If you need to make sure people see your correction - try posting "Correction - Original subject" and to be safe post a link to the new topic at the bottom of the old topic.
  • Move on - sometimes pointing out an error is worse than simply hoping no one really notices or cares.
  • Say you are sorry - If you've said something that you regret (particularly the way you said it) definitely apologize to others. Most participants will give you plenty of slack.

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